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Mary is GOD

The Holy Mother Mary is GOD

This profound book is blessed with one astonishing revelation after another. This is not a book that leaves the reader with just one or two new ideas. This book amazes its readers at every page as it reveals a great deal of what was once obscure and virtually unknown information. Since 2011, authors, Kevin Peter Kelly and Marina Nikole Kelly have asked the highest Divine Beings more than 1,500 questions. The answers they’ve received have revealed the truth about many spiritual and historical mysteries. In The Holy Mother Mary is GOD, the Holy Spirit tells us exactly who and what She is, and that we are never separate from Her. She offers us answers to questions that human beings have asked for millennia, such as what is the purpose of life and who and what is God. The Holy Spirit, Jesus, Saint Germain and Malachi also speak, to tell us that we are all components of the Holy Spirit, and that we are all One.
Holy Mother


magazine Imagine reading a magazine every month that offers articles that directly quote Divine Beings from the Angelic Realms! Dedicated Lightworker Magazine is offering exactly that, in addition to articles written by those who are regularly speaking with these Divine Beings through a gifted channel. Each issue will include: Healing methods, taught by the Angels Lessons of Enlightenment Marina Nikole Kelly’s channeled messages from the Archangels Answers to vital questions from the Angelic realms Age-old mysteries revealed and more . . . coperta
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Glossary of light To understand the Great Beings of Heaven, it is important that you understand their terminology. The Glossary of Light provides definitions of their terms in everyday language. READ MORE


heal Over the past year, the Angels and Divine Beings have been sharing invaluable secrets about how Jesus and Saint Germain healed others during their Earthly lifetimes. Kevin and Marina are now sharing what they have learned, and are working on a book that will go into more depth on how to create multidimensional energy healing. READ MORE

A special excerpt from The Holy Mother Mary is GOD.

Read the actual words of GOD.

The Holy Mother Mary is GOD explains some of the greatest mysteries and introduces many previously unknown historical facts, which have been obscured and hidden from humanity for thousands of years. This unfolding of the truth that we’ve all been searching for is revealed not only in the author’s words, but in the actual words of Mother God Herself. This holy book carries the Light and Love of God, which readers can feel and experience for themselves. Read More


The Holy Spirit Speaks In this video, the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary known in Heaven as the Divine Mother, Holy Spirit and Mother God, speaks to Marina and Kevin Kelly. Listen to an excerpt of this astonishing conversation. This is God, the Essence of all existence. Read more of the Holy Spirit’s conversations with the Kellys in the groundbreaking new book, The Holy Mother Mary is GOD. Click to Listen